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Home-made Italian Pizza recipe

Pizza Margherita

My international friends often ask for my pizza recipe so I decide to write it down here. Here you are the recipe to make an original Italian homemade Pizza.

Pizza Margherita
  • Difficoltà:
  • Preparazione:
    1 ora
  • Cottura:
    30 ora
  • Costo:


  1. DOUGH

    To make the dough you need :

    • One bag of flour(500 gr.)
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Sparkling Water
    • 1 yeast
    • Olive Oil


    • A big table
    • a little pot
    • rolling pin
    • strong hands
    • love

    Preparation of the dough

    In a little pot put a little bit of sparkling water and warm it. When is warm add the yeast, 4 spoon of salt(3 if the sparkling water is very salted), a spoon of sugar. Turn this mix of things and put it on the table.

    Take the bag of flour and throw 3/4 on the table, forming a little mountain. Put your hand on the top of the flour mountain and do like a little dell (as Vesuvio shape) .

    Take your mix and the top and put it in the dell (The water will go everywhere so be ready to start to work on the dough grabbing the flour).
    You have to put all the content of the pot into the flour, but gradually, and it will become more and more substantial while your working. Occasionaly turn the content of the pot.

    On the bottom of the pot will be the remains of salt and sugar: put other sparkling water into the pot in order to save it.

    When the dough is elastic ( not to much solid and not squashy, you
    have the other flour for this reason) it’s ready. The dough must sleep for 1 hour or more in order to make it grow.
    Put the dough into a bowl bigger than the dough with a cloth
    leaning over.

    When is grown use the rolling pin to do the base it must be a thin one cause it will grow in the oven.


    To make the Gravy You need:

    • 1 bottle of Tomato sauce[Passata di pomodoro] (No Ketchup please… )
    • Basil
    • 1 garlic
    • Olive Oil

    Tools to make gravy:

    • frying pan

    Gravy preparation

    Put the olive oil into the frying pan, after 30 seconds add the garlic. When the garlic looks blond put the tomato sauce into. Put a little bit of water to save the remains of the tomato into the bottle. You have to add water while you are cooking the gravy but don’t use more than three glasses of water. Add a lot of Basil cause it smells good 😀

    The gravy is ready when is dense and when it tastes good so TASTE IT!


    Classic Margherita dressing

    Pizza Margherita

    To make CLASSIC MARGHERITA you need:

    • Gravy
    • Mozzarella (Cut it into little pieces and remove the water)
    • Basil
    • Olive Oil

    Put a little bit of olive oil on the base. Put spoons of gravy in the center and spread it doing a circular motion. Spread Mozzarella cheese letting pieces falling down from your hands in a circular motion but reserve a little bit of mozzarella cause you will put it again halfway through cooking.


    Put it into a preheated oven


    • Gravy
    • garlic
    • olive oil
    • oregano

    Little bit of olive oil on the base
    Gravy (Spoon in the center and spread it in a circular motion.)
    Cut the garlic in 8 parts and spread it
    Add Olive oil and oregano(mix it with the gravy)

    WHITE PIZZAS advice

    White pizza in heart shape

    If you decide to make with pizza, you have to put the base of the pizza with a little mozzarella and olive oil before and in the oven and halfway through cooking you can add the other ingredients.


    • olive oil
    • mozzarella
    • fried potatoes
    • wurstell


    • mozzarella
    • mais
    • ham


    • Mozzarella
    • Gravy
    • basil
    • sunflower seed oil

    Put in really hot sunflower seed oil in a pan with high sides the dough cutted in discs shape. It is ready when it grew and becomes blond.

    • a spoon of gravy
    • a piece of mozzarella
    • basil


    Use Other kind of solid cheese for mozzarella
    Put Olive Oil only in the dough
    Dress the Pizza as you want! Creativity!

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